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Overkill is Underrated

In Modern times the Desire to be more modest in certain aspects has become more common, especially amongst Millennials and Gen Z


The loud or brash "toys" that were celebrated before are often shunned in favor of bragging online posts that typically amount to little more than a bombardment of useless updates of your friends' coffee and food habits, or virtual signaling for a social cause.

Many of the items that got our forefathers out of the house and socializing also encouraged people to want more out of life and to celebrate overkill.

Things Like:

  • Boats

  • Sports Cars; especially 2-seater Convertibles

  • Motorcycles

  • SUV's

  • Most things associated with 1950's or 1980's American Excess.

To be honest as an aging Millennial, I think that we have lost a sense of fun that our parents and grandparents tapped into and were able to enjoy.

It's a small wonder that so many Millennials and Zoomers seem to be chronically less optimistic and more depressed than those can came before us.

To be fair though things change over time and socio-economic conditions may make toys less desirable to incoming generations.

Costs aside toys encouraged people to get off the couch and go into the garage to tinker and clean their toys for the next outing.

My dad didn't want his vehicle to look rundown, uncared for, or just another car. Most of my memories from early childhood are linked to the smell of Armor All cleaning products and tinkering in the garage.

On a clear day we'd break out the Go-Kart to make the neighbors jealous that their dad wasn't cool enough to have one. My Uncles had 4-Wheeler, Dirt Bikes, Boats, Project Cars, Motorcycles or some other toy that would get them off the couch and out having a blast.

This is my calling card to my generation that our excess of screen time is going to leave us with a bland, boring life. In 40 years, we'll have nothing to look back on but memories of binge-watching TV shows or YouTube videos. While those who came before us look back or will look back on the times they spent with their friends and family having fun in the sun.

There are many of the younger generation that are engaging in hiking or the outdoors. There are signs of life beyond the web, we just have to push it a touch further. The coming generations need to indulge in a touch of Overkill, it's underrated.

As a part of this Commitment the Yallhalla community is going to double down on content, adventures, articles, and personal experience sharing.

There will be more content, items, and surprises coming up. The sign of commitment I can show is a personal investment to the latest bit of overkill we have been drooling over since the concept was announced.

The latest piece of kit has been ordered and should be ready this summer.


Coming to Yallhalla, Summer of 2022.

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