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The Power Of Your Love Cover By Bethel AG Band !FREE!

Many people do not have the ability to move across the world to pursue revival. BSSM Online will equip you to find your identity in God, prepare you to walk in the power of Holy Spirit, and release you to your divine purpose, right from your home.

The Power of Your Love | Cover by Bethel AG Band


Knowing your identity as a child of God is the best foundation for your life. At BSSM, you will walk through an intentional school designed to help you step into true kingdom authority. Download this free e-book of the bestseller, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, by our Cofounder and Director, Kris Vallotton, to experience just one of the many powerful resources in the BSSM curriculum.

We invite you to bring your group of 20 or more to experience the power of live performance or to visit The Museum at Bethel Woods. Check out our available group packages and contact us for more information.

When I saw this posted on Facebook with the line "he defined a generation of Christian music" I clicked on the article expecting another misguided analysis of Rich by someone too young to have known him in this life. While you may not have known Rich, this is one of the best articles I've read about Rich since his passing. You have managed to capture the Rich I knew and brought to the top all the things many of us most loved about him. I've been so disappointed by the things I've watched and read since Rich passed that "explained" Rich or told Rich's "story" but reading your article was redemptive and encourages me that a younger generation might still "get" the real Rich Mullins. Cheers!

A soft, comforting song that sounds almost like a lullaby, Fall Afresh is a meditative tune that invites the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on the congregation, filling them with renewed love, hope, and power. It features peaceful acoustic guitars and the sweet voices of the Bethel musicians.

In his book Slowing Down to the Speed of Love, author Joe Bailey notes that the goal of deep listening is to, “hear beyond the words of the other person and yourself, to the essence of what the words and feelings are pointing to.” It is the act of joining our hearts and minds to listen wholeheartedly (Bailey). This practice of deep listening probably started when I was much younger, growing up under the love and care of Whitestone Mennonite, my home congregation down the road in Hesston, Kan. Probably not unlike many church families, mine strongly encouraged its young people to pair up with an older and wiser congregant to form a mentor/mentee relationship. At Whitestone this relationship began when I arrived in junior high and continued through high school. And, in fact, my mentor still graces my campus mailbox with holiday cards and purposefully initiates conversation with me on the occasions when we see each other. I experienced another form of mentorship just this past summer, when I participated in the Ministry Inquiry Program in Kalispell, Mont. MIP is basically a pastoral shadowing program and a chance for college students from Mennonite schools to experience different church leadership roles. I formed many meaningful relationships while in Montana and grew so close to one couple in particular that I actually referred to them as my “adoptive parents.” In both of these mentoring examples, I had to remind myself to be humble and to listen. And, in turn, these persons listened to me carefully and thoughtfully, even when I was venting frustrations, pouting, or being silly. As it says in James 1:19, we ought to be “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.” This is precisely what my mentors did for me. 041b061a72


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