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From Razzie nominated Renny Herlin (Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Cliffhanger, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Deep Blue Sea), I had seen this pirate movie maybe once or twice before, more perhaps in my youth, but I had to watch again to get a better opinion. Basically Morgan Adams (Geena Davis) is the female buccaneer turned captain who recently lost her father Black Harry (Bean's Harris Yulin) after being captured by her nasty uncle Dawg Brown (Frank Langella), and she wants her vengeance. In the meantime however, she and her crew are seeking the mysterious shores and lost treasure on the hidden and uncharted CutThroat Island, but they need three portions of a map to find it. Morgan gains herself a new recruit with slave William Shaw (Full Metal Jacket's Matthew Modine), and while he is confident in her, the rest of the ship's crew may not be, and the quest is made difficult by the Navy, led by Governor Ainslee (The World Is Not Enough's Patrick Malahide), looking for her. Morgan and Shaw work out how to get to CutThroat Island, and the pirate ship, the Morning Star, manages to survive a storm and get there, and on the land they try to follow directions to find the treasure. Of course Dawg manages to find the island as well, and in the process of taking the treasure back to another ship, they steal it for themselves. There is a big battle with two ships and cannons, and one of the ships ends up blown up and sunk, Dawg is killed in action, and the crew get the treasure back, Shaw and his love interest embrace their feelings, and Morgan suggests they sail on to new treasures. Also starring Entrapment's Maury Chaykin as John Reed, Stan Shaw as Glasspoole, Rex Linn as Mr. Blair, Paul Dillon as Snelgrave and Malcolm in the Middle's Christopher Masterson as Bowen. Davis is naturally beautifully and fitfully feisty, Modine is alright as the slave who helps and falls for her, and Langella does fine, the story is your typical treasure hunt full of bangs, frills, costumes and tropical locations. This was made for millions of dollars, and it was one of the biggest box office flops in movie history, there are tiny ways you can see this as it isn't always the most exciting or original pirates film you will see, but at the same time it isn't the worst, a reasonable action adventure. Okay!

Island YIFY


The planet Metaluna is desperate need of Uranium to power its defense . As Aliens led by Exeter , Jeff Morrow , come to Earth seeking scientists to help them against enemy invaders . Two scientific , Rex Reason Faith Domergue , are deceived , menaced , abducted and transported from earth to a weird and ruined planet where occurs explosion and destruction.As our heroes are theatened by unknown forces .Acceptable Scifi movie has thrills , intricate gadgetry , emotion , FX ahead of their time and super mutant monsters .This classic and rare Sci-Fi is considered to be the first serious film about interplanetary escapades .It contains primitive special effects and abundant matte painting . Including passable effects of a flying saucer based on a famous picture of an unidenfitied flying object UFO . Mediocre interpretation by an average cast. Starred by little known actors as Rex Reason as a nuclear scientist , Jeff Morrow as the rare alien , and the beautiful Faith Domergue as a nuclear fission expert who screams lustily . Other secondaries are given little to do such as Lance Fuller , Russell Johnson , Douglas Spencer and Richard Deacon . Here stands out the decent makeup by Bud Westmore creating pulsating cranium FX makeup on a gigantic and ugly Alien monster. Although some reviewers felt that the mutant utterly ruined an otherwise acceptable film . It was shown in US drive-in on a double bill with another classic Scfi titled Forfidden planet . Strange but appropriate musical score from Herman Stein , Hans J Salter and Henry Mancini . Colorful cinematography in brilliant technicolor , by Clifford Stine , as technical details are presented in convincing enough fashion , being the only technicolor scifi movie Universal-International ever made .This genuine and decent science fiction was well produced by Willian Alland and professionally directed by Joseph M Newman . He was a prolific craftsman who made all kinds of genres as drama , gangster movie , Film Noir , adventure , such as : Tarzan ,Jungle patrol , The king of the roaring 20s the story of Arnold Rothstein , Love nest , Great Dan Patch and , of course , Science Fiction with this vintage film of the fifties titled This island earth. Rating : 6/10 , decent movie . Essential and indispensable watching for SciFi buffs . Well worth seeing.

Jenna (Haylie Duff) is found alive and with amnesia. Detective Armory (Martin Cummins) and Dr. Chalice (Anne Marie DeLuise) investigate the six dead and Jenna slowly recalls the events. Jenna and four friends (Aaron Ashmore, Kyle Schmid, Jessica Harmon, Jacob Blair) sail to an isolated island house. The island caretaker Keith finds 15 year old Megan (Lucy Hale) stowaway on their boat.This is not scary, and that's the first thing I look for in a horror. The basic story of young hot people in an isolated location is nothing special. It could be a reasonable TV B-movie, but the no thrills kills won't get many horror fans excited. The problem is the wrapped-in-a-flashback-retelling construction. It takes away all the tension. And whether she's telling the truth or not, Haylie Duff just takes away all the excitement. I didn't care about Jenna or her story.

The other Duff sister gets her own slasher vehicle, a real dud with a twist you can see coming a mile away. A group of hot-looking college kids decide to yacht to a nice island retreat for some partying which turns sour really quickly when a killer, with a reason for his/her vengeance, ruins the festivities, murdering them one by one, leaving "clues" as to why each member is a victim, words in white paint, like INNOCENT and GUILTY. It all could be the result of a cruel sex prank played on an attractive but unpopular nobody in their school who went missing shortly afterward. The movie goes back and forth between a detective and psychologist questioning amnesia-stricken Hayley Duff and her reports (as they return to her supposedly in fragments told in jarring flashbacks) and the events that supposedly transpired during the death weekend on Fear Island. The movie pretty much casts doubt on Duff immediately because Haley isn't much of an actress who can play a tragic victim that convincingly or maybe it was the poor direction which never allows us to believe she is telling us the whole truth. I rarely believed much of anything the flashbacks were telling me and the psychologist, who seems to be on her side at first, while the detective is hard-nose-to-the-grindstone with her at the onset soon thinks she might be a victim instead of killer (which tells you how stupid his character is as I'm no detective and Duff practically has guilty stamped on her forehead due to her fishy, suspicious performance), denounces large pieces of her fractured testimony as not wholly matching the evidence recovered at the crime scene. Yet, this slasher film expects us to swallow the conclusion where the psychologist, who has reservations about Duff's innocence, actually accepts a drink from her before the parents are about to arrive, just proving that someone who is skilled at reading behavior doesn't seem so smart when it matters most. The scenes on the island are of the tiresome PG-13 variety, with characters right out of a I Know What You Did Last Summer sequel. None of the kill-scenes will leave you very overwhelmed..a rattlesnake bite to the chest is really as gory as it gets as most of the deaths are of the off-screen variety. Boring, with zero thrills, "Fear Island" will induce heavy snoring.

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