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Sims 3 Hair Cc

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sims 3 hair cc

jo_se_oh has taken some of the most popular hairstyles from Disney Dreamlight Valley and converted them to The Sims 4! The hair is all completely Maxis Match and looks pretty darn spectacular if we do say so ourselves.

Currently, this Sims 4 hair CC collection has a total of 12 different hairstyles. jo_se_oh uploads them individually on their Patreon so you can browse through their catalogue and pick out your favourites.

- [New] Apply Acne Toner: An interaction at the sink that only appears when a sim has acne, gives sims the custom Feeling Fresh moodlet and reduces the Acne Breakout moodlet by 4 hours. This interaction can only be used once every 6 hours.

A little hair kit for your teen sims so they can take on the school year in style! I have been working on for too long since the new High School Expansion came out. I hope you all like them!

Hi! So far I believe I have all of you and firefox's default replacements! ^_^ I wanted to know if you'll be making a default replacement with "Simpliciaty Fireproof" hair? It's my go-to hair and of course i'd prefer you or firefox's default replacement for this hair instead. I wasn't sure if you already did this but if you guy did, wcif both of your replacement? Thanks!!

I always noticed the hair looked a bit crunchy, but at the time thought it was just created like that - and whatever, I still liked it! But now that I finally revisited it, I thought: wait, is the crunchiness maybe caused by a sloppy poly reduction? And yes, it was exactly that!

Still need to fix the bumpmap (suddenly noticed it was faulty when I made her hair blonde, lol) and make lower lods. I will also make a non-default out of it, for the people that want this but also use my Pigtails: BE GONE replacement.

Hello! I am wondering if you could please edit hair you just posted Sonyasims Holy Name, to also fit male sims? It just seems perfect for elves, but unfortunately the top of hair clips as it is on males.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for providing a place to easily find and get a lot of Sims Medieval CC! I find it hard to track down cc for the sims Medieval as its not as popular as other sims games and I love that this blog provides an easy place to find cc as well as have providing an explanation to how to download cc for the sims medieval.

Hey! I downloaded several of your hairstyles for the sims medieval but unfortunately I encounter a problem. Indeed, there is a huge space between the hairstyle and the forehead of my sims, it's quite annoying. Would you have a solution to this?

Hello. The size of the head in Sims 3 and Sims Medieval is different, hence the gap. I do not adjust the size of the head, I just select the most suitable hairstyles for which this gap is invisible. You can find hairstyles in the blog of Sauris and DeeDee, whose size is adjusted to the size of the head :)

I edited the headband a little to make it less shiny, black hair has a gray headband and the rest of the colors have a black headband. Also I made the hair a liiiiittle bit more matte. Works from toddler to elder.

This hair is also adorable! I alpha-edited the front pieces for them to be a little fuller and wider than the original hair. The textures and colors are by @poppet-sims. I made the normal color family and then I made another one with the chunky highlight on the front. Mesh is included, elders go gray, hair is binned. Works from child to elder.

So evannamari did a wonderful conversion of this hair and I retextured it with @poppet-sims wavy textures and v2 colors. I also alpha-edited it to give the appearance of a fuller part, as you can see. I did the normal color family and then I made another one with the chunky highlight on the front, which I looove. Mesh is included, elders go gray, hair is binned. Works from teen to elder.

I ended up calling her Cherry Posey, as per @noodlesims and @curiousb suggestions! Thank you also to @lesyasun, @enjoji101, @falkii, @simtzu, @rev1n and @redsimmer-blog for all your comments and ideas 350c69d7ab


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