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The Definition And Meaning Surrogate advertising is a type of advertising that is used to promote a product or service that is not legally allowed to be advertised. It is often used to promote products such as alcohol, tobacco, or gambling, which are restricted by law or public policy.

Surrogate advertising works by using a product or service that is not legally restricted to promote the restricted product. For example, a company that produces alcoholic beverages may use a commercial to promote a soft drink that they also produce. The commercial will not mention alcoholic beverages but instead, focus on the soft drink. The idea is that viewers will associate the soft drink with the company?s alcoholic beverages, and thus be more likely to purchase them.

Surrogate advertising can also be used to promote products or services that are not legally restricted but are not widely accepted. For example, a company may use a commercial to promote a new type of technology that is not widely accepted. The commercial will focus on the benefits of the technology, without mentioning the product or service itself.

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