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[S2E12] Call Sign _VERIFIED_

It's unclear what she believes Vance can do for her at this point since he's technically "flying under the radar," but she's waging war on the Major, and I'm loving this determined and proactive mood!

[S2E12] Call Sign

A little later Michaela sees on television that the meth lab house exploded. She believes the calling wanted her to let Jace and his partners go so they would die in the explosion. By not listening, she accidentally extended their lifespans.

Zeke tells Michaela she has made him so happy that marrying him means the world to him. Michaela recalls her mother telling her everyone deserves to be happy, including those who have committed errors.

Michaela subsequently watches on television that the meth lab home exploded. She feels the calling wanted her to abandon Jace and his companions so they would perish in the explosion. She unintentionally lengthened their lives by not listening.

Ben goes to the place where he sees the calling. He sees one of the passengers, Ward. Ward (Elliot Villar) is guilty of what happened to Flight 828. He says he is the one who approved the flight to Jamaica and rushed the inspection. He also has a vision of the plane explosion.

When we return, we see Zeke and Michaela not only have their ceremony but also reception. When Michaela makes her vows, she looks over to her dad and sees her mom as well, clear as day. In reality there is an empty chair with a single white rose to signify a parent that has passed. Michaela tells Ben and thinks that seeing their mom means that she still needs to do everything she can to save Zeke and honor his wishes at the same time. Michaela asks Mikami where Jared went. She tells him that he had to leave and to not worry about it. She deserves to be happy.

While the situation between Zeke and Michaela may be far from normal, Zeke calls out Michaela for her reservations, asking if she had second thoughts. She assures him that she loves him, no matter what. Outside the house, TJ invites Olive to come to Egypt with him, however she wants to spend as much time as possible with her mom, her dad, Cal, and for her baby sister to know her. She assumes the two of them are breaking up, but TJ asks that she not give up on him. They are not breaking up; he is taking this trip so he can solve the Death Date.

As Michaela and Zeke go to leave, Michaela tells Sannvi to call her if she finds anything. Sannvi receives an alert that her ticket to Havana is ready, while Zeke says goodbye to his mom. When leaving, he tells Cal that he saved his life in more ways than one. Cal gives Zeke the race car from Monopoly, telling him that he will always be with him.

I thought maybe Ben might have found something that would help save Zeke and this would all make sense, or... or I'd get a sign, a voice, a vision, something that told me that marrying him and letting him end his treatments was the right thing to do, but none of that's happened.

Ward believes the vision is a sign that he isat fault for the disappearance of Flight 828. After some thorough research, Bendiscovers that Ward did his job correctly and did not cause the event tohappen.

The cliffhanger at the end of the last episode left us with the question: If the shadows are created by the three criminals, what do they want? Are they connected to the callings? Out of the three men, one is Kory Jephers (DazMann Still), a metro bus driver who helps deliver stolen cold medicine to a meth lab run by two brothers, Jace (James McMenamin) and Pete Baylor (Devin Harjes).

The highlight, however, is Remirez's marvelous performance. Jared shakes hands with Zeke and tells him: "It's all good." The scene will make you fall in love with Ramirez's character. The look on Jared's face says everything he feels. It is poetically unjust. After a glimpse of Mich in the wedding dress, Jared rushes out to hold his feeling still. In a suspenseful twist, the three criminals are waiting in a car right behind him.

The callings don't seem to leave sight anytime soon. While putting up fairy lights at home, Ben gets a calling in which Montego Air Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York City blows up in smoke. Later, in the show, Ben goes to the spot he saw in his calling and notices another passenger there. The other passenger takes the blame on his head and says, "I'm the one who okayed the flight to take off from Jamaica. It's all my fault.""Why the hell am I being haunted by the flight being exploded," he wonders. That's when Ben explains that it happens to all of them. "The vision brought me to meet you. We need to figure out what happened together." What does his horrendous calling mean?

Saanvi knocks at a closed shutter door. With her being fired, she cannot access her research and it is a major concern. She remembers Robert Vance (Daryl Edwards) told her to call the travel agency. She books a non-stop ticket to Havana. "It's an emergency. It's like death," she says.

While being taken in a van, the three criminals play a cheap trick. One of them acts like he's getting a seizure. When the cops stop to see what happened, the three get together and kill them all. The episode ends on a tricky note. Zeke and Cal share a loving, heartwarming moment where he thanks his little bud for giving the best bachelor party. Cal gives Zeke a toy car to say how he will always be with him. However, Ben has that calling again after looking at his baby. In the end, Michaela gets a call from the three miscreants on how they have Cal as captive. Will the Stone family ever be able to figure the meaning of the callings and who is behind it? With only one episode left to go, there are many more mysteries to be unlocked. Was Michaela's decision to capture the three criminals right? The family may have to pay a heavy price for going against the callings and only time will tell what it's going to be.

Edwin Akufo is still courting Sam hard, but nobody knows what Sam has in mind. Sam's father tells him to look to the universe for a sign, and Sam sees some kids playing football in a park, one of whom is wearing a "Obisanya" Richmond jersey.

In the first part of the game, Nate's strategy isn't working very well, to which he responds by berating the team for being unable to execute it. At halftime, Ted asks the coaching staff what they should do about this new tactic, and Nate spits that they should abandon it, since the players are screwing it up. Ted thinks they should keep trying, but he asks Roy, who says Ted should ... ask the team. Led by Jan Maas (established all season as the straight shooter, for good and for ill), the team decides to stick with it. And then, led by their captain, Isaac, they all put their hands on the BELIEVE sign.

As halftime breaks up, the inevitable confrontation between Ted and Nate finally comes. Ted pushes Nate to tell him what he's upset about, and Nate comes clean: Ted built him up, and then Ted forgot him. And even though everybody loves him: "I think you're a [freaking] joke. Without me, you wouldn't have won a single match and they'd have shipped your ass back to Kansas where you [really] belong, with your son. Because you sure as hell don't belong here." Nate also now believes Ted is calling it "Nate's false nine" so that he can blame Nate when it inevitably fails, just as he claimed Ted was going to take all the credit when it inevitably worked. It's safe to say that even though Ted apologizes, there is no resolution here.

Dani scores the goal, Richmond gets the tie, and they have done what they set out to do: they'll be promoted. Everyone is ecstatic except for Nate, who is still very angry, despite the fact that a strategy Ted credited him for just worked, and there's every indication that Ted will continue to credit him. He stomps off to the locker room, and when Ted gets to his desk, he finds that Nate has ripped down the BELIEVE sign and torn it in two.

The beginning of the episode felt like I had already seen it? Was it the same as a previous episode? I feel like I already saw that exact same scene, from the phone call, to the divorce, to the body in the garden.

The following morning Applejack and Big McIntosh are making preparations at the apple orchard, unloading large baskets by the bare trees. Inside the Apples' house, Apple Bloom enthusiastically exclaims to Granny Smith that she's ready to make zap apple jam. Granny Smith starts by giving Apple Bloom a stick with some twigs tied to its end, prompting Apple Bloom to inquire if it is some special herbal ingredient she uses, but Granny Smith replies that it's a broom and that she should start sweeping.

At the orchard, a strong wind starts blowing and the skies get covered with dark clouds. The naked trees starts buzzing with blue sparks around their branches, and soon the sparks disappear and big leaves sprout, which Applejack calls "zap apple leaves".

The scene fades to Apple Bloom and Granny Smith in town gathering ingredients for the zap apple jam. Granny Smith sings loudly and hops along, drawing the attention of other townfolk, which makes Apple Bloom lower her head in embarrassment. Granny Smith inspects some pots and pans at a stand and chews on one of them, and leaves her false teeth attached to it then carries along. She makes smalltalk with the bees while harvesting their honey. Apple Bloom begs her grandmother to stop acting that way when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon spot them. The fillies derisively call Apple Bloom by the nickname that Granny Smith gives her, which makes her bury her head in shame and eventually beg Granny Smith to get back to the farm. Granny Smith keeps singing and prancing, and Apple Bloom pulls down her bonnet over her eyes, embarrassed.

Back at the farm, Applejack tells Apple Bloom she and Big McIntosh can't take a break from the harvest. The third sign manifests in a quick change in weather, a flock of crows circling the orchard in a flight pattern of an apple, and the blossoming of teal flowers on the zap apple trees. When the sign concludes, Applejack assures Apple Bloom that Granny Smith has no shortage of entertaining stories to tell. 041b061a72


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