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Suburban Swingers Club !FULL!

1. In the movie, Dana plays Lori, a young woman who recently suffered a miscarriage. She is still in the grieving process, but 1her husband (played by Jesse Ruda) wants her to move on. This leads to them getting involved in a secret swingers club. While joining the club is supposed to help them with their grief, it actually leads them into a very dangerous situation.

Suburban Swingers Club

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Olivia Cranor is the wife of Noah Cranor, who habitually hosted a swingers party at the household, with the participants known as "The Circle of Trust." Though Olivia appeared to be a willing participant in the parties, she actually hated them, mainly due to Noah's wandering eye. Noah had numerous affairs after his parties, with one of them being with Giselle Monahan.

While at Olivia's house, Lori saw a passport in her drawer, as well as a bracelet with the heart charm that Lori had found, which began Olivia's reveal. It was cemented when Olivia drugged Lori's coffee, but just as Lori was about to drink from the laced cup, she was interrupted by her sister, Kat, honking her horn. Lori later asked Kat to call Olivia and set up a meeting under the pretense that she knew about Olivia killing her husband, with the villainess leaving her house. However, the evil Olivia appeared at Lori's house and knocked out Kat with a golf club, and afterwards, she spotted Lori and drugged her before tying her up and gagging her with duct tape.

A young married couple makes a huge mistake by agreeing to participate in a secret swingers party in their suburban neighborhood, and soon both of them are being targeted by a jealous and homicidal neighbor.

"The lifestyle" (as swingers fondly call it) is seeping into suburban, upper-middle-class social scenes, and people are taking notice. Over drinks and dessert, discussions once focused on home renovations and restaurant openings are now giving way to talk about wife-swapping and tales of key parties down the block.

Last month, I attended an end-of-the-elementary-school-year family barbecue in my woodsy suburban neighborhood outside of Washington, D.C. Sitting with four other couples as the kids played Wii downstairs, the parents' conversations turned from second-grade teacher reputations and fourth quarter grades to the rumored "swingers" parties one community over.

Determined to unravel the mystery, I scored myself an invitation to an underground swingers club. For one night, I gained access to the entire club and got introduced to women who could answer my overriding questions of "why do you do it?" and "how can you do it?"

Couples of all ages and races gathered on the sofas near the "observation rooms" drinking and chatting. Many greeted each other warmly, like old home week. They told me about seventy percent of club members meet up on popular swingers' websites such as Club Voodoo.

Back upstairs, at first glance, the sprawling bar could have been a regular bar anywhere. The club's policy was BYOB, and the moment you walked in the bartender smoothly took your bottles and put them on ice. But looking a little more closely, I could see signs this was no ordinary bar.

The club planned a "blackout" for midnight (the staff distributed glow sticks throughout the night). They assured me security would be good and nobody would grope anyone without an OK. I would have liked to stay later to see if more action happened, but my husband was anxious to go.

Three things struck me about the club atmosphere and clientele: everyone was in a great mood (and this is before the night's real action began), lots of people seemed to know each other, and everyone seemed pretty relaxed.

The owners ran their underground swingers club like a business, socialized like a host and hostess would anywhere, and seemed proud to preside over a club that so many people in the swing lifestyle called home on weekend nights.

A young married couple makes a huge mistake by agreeing to participate in a secret swingers party. This party was in their suburban neighborhood. Soon both of them are in danger because they are being targeted by a jealous and homicidal neighbor. Finally, watch them get into naughty swinger adventures that they will regret forever. 041b061a72


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