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submit forms 809 to the field office payment processing unit the field office payment processing unit (ppu) is charged with receiving form 809 book submissions via wms from campus deposit personnel. the wms enterprise metadata facility enables the submission of form 809 through the portal website. log in to the portal website, and select user management. access otcnet and login. select form 809, and click submit to the field office payment processing unit. every 10 form 809s submitted is processed and sent to the campus. to review employee submissions for forms 809, the field office payment processing unit logs into the wms enterprise metadata facility, via wms, and review submission records for forms 809 submitted. if forms 809 were submitted electronically, a synopsis is automatically generated and sent to the wms system administrator for approval.

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process forms 809 a workflow processing step involves the following: 1. open the forms 809 annual reconciliation list report. review the date and the company payment processed. highlight the company payment processed that dates to the correct date of the page number. the ppu can process forms 809 pages at a time. adjust your page range to the corresponding page number. 2. to open the form 809 for processing, open the wms portal, select files, then files 5: forms 809. for more details, see enable book upload.

operations transfer the form 809 book to the processing in the wms enterprise metadata facility, by using the following workflow: 1. open the forms 809 book as a book on the wms portal. enter the subject of form 809 book, and click open. 2. open the checkout form 809 book record, which is the data record associated with the wms portal. 3. select the copy to processing location operation by using the button next to the process operation. 4. enter the process field. select the emcu processing facility as the destination. click the process operation.


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