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Buy Groceries Online

* Delivery and pickup service is available in select areas. Keep in mind, online orders require a minimum purchase. Due to shipping delays, some advertised ALDI Finds may not be available for purchase. ALDI Finds change on a weekly basis, so grab them before they're gone. Items are limited and may not be available in all stores.

buy groceries online

* All products are not sold year round and are available while quantities last. Product images displayed online may vary from actual product. The information on this website regarding special diets and nutritional information is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your physician or another healthcare professional regarding your health.

Online grocery shopping is an incredibly convenient way to shop while avoiding crowded aisles and rogue shopping carts in the parking lot. Though it's not for those who want to pick their own fruit or get the double coupon discount on pasta, shopping for your groceries online is a great way to save time if you're willing to relinquish some control.

In our guide to the best online grocery stores, we break down all the costs, how the services work, and more, to ensure your produce and pantry items arrive fresh and in a timely manner. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches kitchen products and services.

While many grocery delivery services charge a premium on products, Walmart's prices remain consistent whether you're buying in-store or online for delivery or pick-up, making it the most budget-friendly choice for grocery delivery.

Through Walmart Grocery's online portal or mobile app, you can search for and select groceries from all aisles of the supermarket, from dry goods to frozen pizza to milk, eggs, and produce. A Walmart employee will go through the store and put your order together for you, scanning each item as they go to ensure you get everything you paid for.

Upon checking out, you'll select whether you want to pick up your order from a local store or have it delivered to your home. You can choose traditional front-door delivery, or Walmart's new InHome program, where an employee actually enters your house and puts your groceries away for you. The InHome program is expanding, but is currently available in certain markets and only for Walmart+ members.

It's free to sign up for Misfits Market, but the weekly delivery plans start at a $35 minimum order. When you sign up, you choose the day you want your groceries delivered. Then, during a 3-day window before shipping, you pick from the available items to meet the minimum order. Your order is skipped automatically if you don't meet your plan's minimum during the window.

Umamicart has a $30 minimum on all orders, and you get free shipping on orders of at least $49. The online grocer delivers to most states and is constantly expanding, although not all products are available to the whole service area. Visit the site and plug in your ZIP code to find out what's available in your area.

The shopping experience is pretty similar to other online grocery stores with products organized in categories and departments, including pantry, vegetables, snacks, seafood, and more. You can browse curated lists, such as Southeast Asian pantry, staff picks, and other themes. The site also has recipes to inspire meal ideas.

Costco has long been the go-to store for bulk shopping, and you don't have to be a member to shop its offerings online. Non-members are subject to some fees that members can avoid like a $3 delivery fee for orders over $75 and up to $15 on orders under $75. There's also a 5% non-member surcharge on all orders.

Online grocery stores are also ideal for those trying to stick to a budget (not today, second box of Chips Ahoy cookies) or even just lazy people like myself who, if I had it my way, could spend every hour of every day underneath a blanket on the couch, only moving my right hand to switch between Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV. I can order groceries from my phone to my door and retrieve them whenever I feel that my sacred being deserves a fleeting stretch. (Okay, so not quite as necessary there, but my point still stands!)

I tested 14 different online grocery stores over the course of three weeks. With each service, I tried to order a combination of groceries that I would normally purchase for myself (such as almond milk, coffee beans, frozen fruit, fresh vegetables, and fish), as well as items that seemed unique to the store such as its own branded line of products or hard-to-find ingredients from a particular region or country. I paid attention to how frozen ingredients were packaged, as well as if raw meat, fish, and eggs were packed separately from, say, a bag of sugar or a bag of apples.

Yes, you can order 100 different types of frozen dim sum and instant noodles from Weee!, and have your pick of various soy sauce, cooking wine, chili sauce, and miso brands. But what is so remarkably different about Weee! is that you can also order tons of basic produce, vegetables (including every variety of mushroom imaginable), lemons (Eureka and Meyers), organic meat and eggs, and my favorite brand of almond milk. I was not only able to order all of my usual groceries that I would use in a week, but also got to try some harder-to-find Asian and Hispanic goods.

And as you now know, hidden fees can make me go from loving an online shopping experience to feeling enough resentment that I should sign up for a membership at a local boxing studio. Once again, Weee! wins. I easily ordered more than $35 worth of groceries, which qualified for free shipping, and aside from tipping the delivery driver, there were no last-minute tack-ons.

I placed my order on a Saturday afternoon and it arrived unexpectedly on a Wednesday afternoon. Unlike nearly every other online grocery delivery service that I tested, I never received a notification that my order was out for delivery nor confirmation once it had been delivered. When I reached out to the brand, Boxed confirmed that it only sends emails to confirm when an order has been placed and when it has shipped. The lack of communication post-shipping not only was out of the ordinary for an online grocery store, but for pretty much any online e-commerce brand these days. I only discovered that my groceries were delivered when I finally left my burrito wrap (aka a fuzzy white blanket that I tuck myself into Monday through Friday), promptly knocked over the iced latte that was haphazardly placed on the floor next to my couch, and stepped outside for fresh air that I desperately needed.

Your online grocery-buying experience can be affected by numerous factors, including stock availability, store hours, purchase restrictions, access to substitutions, and peak busy periods. Stay patient and flexible.

SNAP recipients in Texas can buy food online. This will make it easier to get food by having the option to pick it up or get it delivered. For questions about how to use your SNAP benefits and Lone Star Card for online purchases, see the frequently asked questions below:

For the easiest way to order your groceries, make sure you are logged in to your Shoppers Club account. This will allow you to view previously purchased items so that you can quickly add them to your cart. Then, simply browse our departments and add items to your list or cart.

Yes! Customers can now use EBT SNAP cards when placing an order online. Please note that only EBT-eligible items can be paid for using SNAP funds. A primary payment method is required for non-EBT-eligible items and fees.

SNAP recipients in Indiana may use their Hoosier Works EBT cards to purchase groceries online for pickup or delivery. Click on this link to the federal SNAP website, select Indiana and a list of current retailers accepting SNAP payments in Indiana will be available. -purchasing-pilot

Did you know that you can now use your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to shop online for fresh produce and groceries? Participating online stores now accept SNAP benefits for online orders and will deliver to you. Use your EBT card to shop securely for fresh produce and groceries at these participating stores in the New York City area:

A new survey of more than 11,000 US consumers reveals over seventy percent of consumers (71%) have made an online grocery or consumer packaged goods (CPG) purchase within the most recent three-month period (compared to 73% a year ago and 17% in 2017), and 72% say they shop online for groceries more now than they did pre-pandemic. Over half (57%) say the proportion of their grocery spend that occurs online has increased in the last 12 months, with time savings and the desire to avoid impulse purchases being the two primary motivating factors.

These insights are from a new survey from PowerReviews, a leading provider of ratings and reviews technology solutions. The PowerReviews Meeting Grocery and CPG Shopper Digital Expectations in the Post Pandemic Era study draws on survey responses from 11,162 grocery shoppers across the country, surveyed in February 2022. The largest portion (28%) of consumers shop for groceries online monthly, and 25% do so once per week.

While consumers continue to embrace online grocery shopping, nearly all online grocery shoppers (97%) have also shopped in-store for groceries or CPG items within the most recent three months. While the popularity of online services from non-traditional grocery stores have grown over the past few years (i.e. Amazon Fresh,, etc.), pickup or delivery from traditional grocery or big box stores is still the predominant choice, with 68% of respondents using this option for fulfillment in the 90 days prior to being surveyed.

Andrew Smith - VP, Marketing at PowerReviews, says: In the post-Covid era, grocery shoppers continue to buy online at high levels. However, a higher percentage of shoppers have also returned to or continued to shop at brick-and-mortar grocery and consumer packaged goods retailers. A hybrid strategy is needed to attract these consumers, because, while it makes sense to invest in digital, grocers can ill-afford to do so at the expense of their brick-and-mortar operations. 041b061a72


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